About Us

Farotex is the only company that offers a completely new method of metallisation of natural and synthetic fabrics as well as artificial leather with pure gold to create unique designs of clothing and accessories. The application of gold coatings onto fabrics of different colours and textures creates unique colour effects and provides for a wide range of design possibilities.

Farotex offers a wide range of
applications of metallisation for natural
and synthetic fabrics, nonwovens, artificial leather
and polymeric films by ion-plasma (magnetron) deposition
in a high vacuum environment.

Processing takes place in mild low temperature plasma conditions, allowing the
materials to retain air and moisture permeability, drapability and material
strength properties. The coating is resistant to dry and wet friction, washing
and dry cleaning. The coated materials can be sewn, glued and soldered.

Industrial magnetron sputtering equipment is used to metallise rolls of textiles, leather and
polymer films with a thickness range of 12 microns – 7.5 mm and a width of 170 cm. Coatings of
any type of metal or alloy can be applied, and layer thickness can be controlled to conserve metal or to obtain different levels of electroconductivity.

The metallised materials produced by this method are nontoxic and safe for humans, even at constant tactile contact, which allows the product to be used not only for technical purposes, but also in medicine, households and the textile industry.

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